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Are your fuel dispensers 'giving-away' fuel?
Not sure what is causing fuel losses.
  • Maybe a leak?
  • Maybe fuel temperature?
  • Maybe Vapour Loss?
  • Maybe just giving away fuel at the dispenser?

FUEL - The Invisible Purchase - unlike the bars of chocolate on the shelf or the cartons of milk in the fridge, it can not be counted in the normal way - normally from the moment it is delivered into the tank, to the moment it is dispensed into the customers car, it is not seen. Wetstock monitoring systems are normally in place to identify fuel loss but are the dispensers the 'missing link'? Include a simple fuel dispenser test in the wetstock management system on your forecourt to get more accurate results. A fuel dispenser accuracy test is as simple as putting fuel in your car.

Giving away just 20ml to every customer could be costing you the price of a part-time employee for a year!

PUMPWATCH could save you thousands with the new PW Lite test measure guaranteed to give you accurate results. Discover how easily and safely you can check the accuracy of your fuel dispensers. PUMPWATCH is a world-wide proven product loved by service station owners, forecourt maintenance companies and legal metrology all over the world. Avoid penalties and prosecutions by ensuring that your fuel dispensers are always within the legal tolerances allowed. And just as important, ensure you are not giving fuel away!

Still have losses after checking the accuracy of the fuel dispensers? Want to know if temperature is the cause? Our calculator could help! CLICK HERE

Don’t watch your profits drive away - are your nozzles the missing link!

With possibly thousands of litres of fuel being sold on your forecourt each day, inaccurate fuel dispensers could be costing you thousands of pounds each year. Don’t just rely on your scheduled visit from your maintenance company to re-assure you that your fuel dispensers are performing accurately.

Fuel dispenser nozzle tests often show up potential problems with dispensers before they happen and may also detect potential leaks in the system, which could go undetected due to under-dispensing at the nozzle.
Fuel Dispenser Accuracy Testing Kit

Just a simple weekly check could save you thousands every year.

pw_lite_10l_test_measure.gifEvery Drop Counts! Don't watch your profits driveway

Watchdog discover 1400 faulty fuel pumps
(Irish Independent, Wednesday August 24 2011)

Would you notice if you were losing €4,000 worth of fuel per year?

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PUMPWATCH Recommendation

PUMPWATCH would recommend that dispensers are check weekly initially to build up a history of their performance and then depending on the results, a monthly check should be sufficient to keep you up to date with your fuel dispenser performance.

To check the accuracy of the fuel dispenser with a PW Lite, we would recommend the following procedure:
1. Wet the inside of the test measure with fuel ie fill the test measure with fuel and empty without recording the result
2. Dispense 10 litres of fuel (at full speed) according to the fuel dispenser into the test measure
3. Ensure the test measure is level according to the spirit level
4. Read and take note of the results of the dispense according to the PW Lite test measure
5. Empty the test measure
6. Allow to drain for recommended drainage time (30 sec for petrol, 45 sec for diesel)
7. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 again
8. Dispense 10L (at a slow speed - half open the nozzle) according to the fuel dispenser into the PW Lite
9. Ensure the test measure is level according to the spirit level
10. Read and take note of the results of the dispense according to the PW Lite test measure
11. Empty the test measure
12. Allow to drain for recommended drainage time (30 sec for petrol, 45 sec for diesel)

If there is a notable difference between the fast and slow test this may be caused by wear and tear in the dispenser and more regular testing of this dispenser would be recommended to monitor any increase in the error.


All our PUMPWATCH Test Measures are manufactured to the highest standard. Our PW Lite are factory calibrated with an accuracy of ±4ml (over 2 times better than what can be read on the fuel dispenser meter).

With the factory calibration, our test measures can be used only as a reference to check the fuel dispenser. In order to carryout legal verifications, calibrations and inspections it is necessary for the test measures to be calibrated and sealed by an accredited metrology laboratory.

Weights and Measures Test Certificates

PUMPWATCH can arrange for your test measure to be calibrated by NSAI or any accredited Legal Metrology Laboratory at an extra cost. Our test measures when calibrated and sealed by a National Metrology Laboratory have an accuracy of 0.02% or better.

For more information on our products or a quotation contact PUMPWATCH