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Increased Accuracy

The Scale

Aside from the Health and Safety advantages , the high resolution measurement tube is the most valuable feature of the PUMPWATCH system. The scale offers results in 'millilitre' and 'percentage nominal volume'. The 'percentage' scale is particularly useful to compare results from different measures volumes ( e.g: multi measure pack )
The height of the scale on the 20L Measure is 350mm (14") making it possible to easily read the meniscus level.

Thermal Expansion

Because PUMPWATCH Measures are manufactured from carbon fibre composites, they do not expand or contract like traditional metal measures. Eliminating this uncertainty from the measurement is an important step forward in prover technology.

Precise Levelling Of The Measure

Another error encountered when using traditional metal measures is their inability to be accurately levelled. Using a simple spirit level device PUMPWATCH allows the user to adjust the level of the measure at the turn of a screw. Each measure is fitted with a small spirit level just behind the measurement tube that is checked and adjusted before each test.

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Scale from pumpwatch 20L measure
actual height of scale - 350mm ( 14")