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Legal Metrology and Trading Standards

Take the back ache out of Fuel Dispenser Testing

Straining to watch the meter display while dispensing? Finding it difficult to read the test results? Problems carrying heavy test measures across the forecourt? Do you have to lifting measures to empty and drain?

PUMPWATCH test measures are manufactured in accordance with NMO Specification No 7321, NMO Specification No 7323 (previously NWML) and International Recommendation OIML R 120

Reduce your trips across the forecourt
with a PUMPWATCH Multi-measure Pack

pumpwatch2.jpgNo more lifting, carrying or tipping heavy measures full of fuel

Useful Links

APEA Association of Petroleum & Explosives Administration
OIML - International Organisation for Legal Metrology
Measurement Instrument Directive
NSAI National Standards Authority of Ireland
NMO National Measurement Organisation (UK)
Nmi National Measurement Institute, Netherlands

All our PUMPWATCH Test Measure are manufactured to the highest standard. All our test measures are factory calibrated with an accuracy of 4ml (over 2 times better than what can be read on the fuel dispenser meter).

With the factory calibration, our test measures can be use only as a reference to check the fuel dispenser. In order to carryout legal verifications, calibrations and inspections it is necessary for the test measures to be calibrated and sealed by an accredited metrology laboratory.

Weights and Measures Test Certificates.
PUMPWATCH can arrange for your test measure to be calibrated by NSAI or any accredited Legal Metrology Laboratory at an extra cost. Our test measures when calibrated and sealed by a National Metrology Laboratory have an accuracy of 0.02% or better

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