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CFX99 Series Features

Over many years of research and development, we believe the CFX Series Test Measure to be the most user friendly, health and safety conscious system on the market today.

High Resolution Scale

Aside from the Health and Safety advantages , the high resolution measurement tube is the most valuable feature of the PUMPWATCH system. The scale offers results in 'millilitre' and 'percentage nominal volume'. The 'percentage' scale is particularly useful to compare results from different measures volumes ( e.g: multi measure pack )

Example: The height of the scale on the 20L Measure is 350mm (14") making it possible to easily read the meniscus level.

The 20L measure will display results in increments of just 2ml! To allow instant comparison between tests, the scale also shows results in 'percentage nominal volume' in increments of 0.01%!

Thermal Expansion

Because PUMPWATCH Measures are manufactured from carbon fibre composites, they do not expand or contract like traditional metal measures. Eliminating this uncertainty from the measurement is an important step forward in prover technology.

Thermally Stable Carbon Composite Construction with
Volumetric Coefficient of Expansion (CTE): 1 x 10-6 ml/m /C

Compared to Stainless Steel Construction
Volumetric Coefficient of Expansion (CTE): 52 x 10-6 ml/ml/C

Other CTEs -
  • Gasoline - 950 x 10-6 ml/ml/C
  • Diesel - 460 x 10-6 ml/ml/C
  • Water at 20 C - 207 x 10-6 ml/ml/C
Carbon Fibre has a very low coefficient of expansion, of the order of 1x10-6, and will therefore cause changes of less than 1 mL for the expected range of temperatures. The temperature effect on the test measure can therefore be ignored for carbon fibre measures. (NWML Guidance note for retail fuel dispensers (Petrol Pumps) fitted with standard temperature accounting (STA) displays)

Precise Levelling Of The Measure

No need to search for level ground! Using a simple spirit level device PUMPWATCH allows the user to adjust the level of the measure at the turn of a screw. Each measure is fitted with a small spirit level just behind the measurement tube that is checked and adjusted before each test.

Large Filling Funnel

This feature ensures that each test is conducted at full flow rate for the entire duration of the test. Without this buffer for fuel and froth, the dispenser nozzle would shut off or dispense rate would slow down to early, creating a possible undesireable error in the test result.

Height of the Measure Pack

As shown above, the user can comfortably dispense fuel and monitor the meter display at the same time which helps to avoid inhalling fumes

Light Weight Carbon Fibre Construction

Because of their light weight properties, PUMPWATCH measures reduce the net weight to be lifted by the user. By suspending the measures from custom H-frames on the transport trolley, they pivot so that the weight of the fuel is balanced over the wheel axel and in turn elliminating the need to carry heavy test measures full of fuel.

This concept allows up to 55L of fuel to be moved on a two wheel trolley or up to 200L of fuel to be moved on a 4 wheel trolley by just one person!

Weight of CFX Series test measure (without trolley)
5L - 3.4kg
20L - 3.9kg
50L - 8.2kg
100L - 9.4kg
200L - 11.3kg

Adjustable Trolley Height

By releasing a simple spring loaded pin on the two wheel trolley, the height of the measure pack can be raised to assist the discharge. This extra height is particularly useful when returning fuel to off-set pipes as shown.

Releasing the pin again retracts the adjustable legs to their secure position parallel to the trolley chassis.

Discharge Hose and Manifold

All PUMPWATCH Measures feature a discharge valve at the bottom of the measure. A discharge hose or manifold is connected to this valve, which is then inserted into the off-set or below ground fuel return pipe. It is possible with a 4-in/1-out manifold to combine the flow of 4 measures to a single discharge hose. The user simply opens the valves on each measure with no need to lift, tip or pour.