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CFX/99 Test Measure Series

A PUMPWATCH CFX/99 Series Measure Pack for testing the dispensing accuracy of a service station fuel pump dispensing meter, comprises one or more light-weight, carbon fibre composite construction Volumetric Test Measures otherwise Test Measures of the “integrated measure” type that, when deployed, may be suspended according to the number and capacity of the test measures, from a Transport Trolley of 2-wheel, powder-coated tubular steel construction or, of 4-wheel, zinc-plated box section steel construction.

When the tests are completed and the results are observed and recorded, the Measure Pack is wheeled by the user to the fuel return pipes where the fuel contained in each test measure is returned to storage through the transparent, flexible hoses of the Measure Pack Discharge System.

The CFX/99 Test Measure Series is the perfect companion for carrying out verifications and fuel dispenser checks on large service stations where carrying heavy test measures is not the ideal health and safety solution. In addition, the CFX/99 Test Measure Series, with its high resolution measurement tube facilitates the calculation of fuel dispensers fitted with temperature compensation - STA (ATC) fuel dispensers.

Standard 2-wheel Measure Pack arrangements:

  • 20L Single
  • 50L Single
  • 20L+5L Tandem
  • 10L+2L Tandem
  • 20L + 10L Dual
  • 20L+10L+5L Multi
  • 20L+10+2L Multi
  • 20L+10L+5L Multi
  • 20L+10L+5L+2L Multi
  • 20L+20L+5L+5L Service

Special High Speed Measure Pack arrangements:

  • 50L+5L Tandem Measure Pack (2-wheel)
  • 50L+20L Combi Measure Pack (4-wheel)
  • 100L Single Measure Pack (4-wheel)
  • 100L+20L Combi Measure Pack (4-wheel)
  • 200L Prover Pack (4-wheel)