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50L Single Measure Pack

The PUMPWATCH CFX 50/99 is a light weight, easy to use prover for testing the accuracy of liquid fuel dispensers. Manufactured from carbon-fibre/epoxy composites, this pack is an elegant solution to systematic and random operator errors associated with the use of traditional metal measures.

All our PUMPWATCH Test Measure are manufactured to the highest standard. Our PW Lite are factory calibrated with an accuracy of 4ml (over 2 times better than what can be read on the fuel dispenser meter).

With the factory calibration, our test measures can be use only as a reference to check the fuel dispenser. In order to carryout legal verifications, calibrations and inspections it is necessary for the test measures to be calibrated and sealed by an accredited metrology laboratory.

Weights and Measures Test Certificates.
PUMPWATCH can arrange for your test measure to be calibrated by NSAI or any accredited Legal Metrology Laboratory at an extra cost. Typically, when calibrated and sealed by a National Metrology Laboratory, our test measures have an accuracy of 0.02% or better.